Do you struggle to keep your green beans from turning grey before they’re even cooked?

Green beans are very easy to cook, if you follow a couple of principles:


  1. Lots of water*!   Start with adequately salted boiling water (go ahead and taste it) and have some cold water on hand in a separate bowl (skip the cold water if you are serving the green beans straight away)
  2. Keep the water boiling, and cook the beans quickly (normally only a couple of minutes)
  3. Remove beans before they’re cooked.  When you bite one, it should be ALMOST as done as you like it – green beans continue cooking after you remove them from the water, as they retain heat like crazy.
  4. Stop the cooking process (If you’re prepping food for the week), Cool the green beans in iced water, then put cool green beans into a container and refrigerate. If they’re still really hot after the cold water, lay them out in a single layer on a baking tray or plate, etc. for a couple of minutes before you pack them away.

*  We are under water restrictions at the moment, but you can absolutely use this water as grey water, especially if you go light on the salt, or you can use it for flushing

Some ways to serve green beans:

  • Toss in your favourite salad dressing and have as a cold salad
  • Top with lemon zest, olive oil (or lemon olive oil) and sunflower seeds
  • Lightly coat with butter and top with toasted hazelnuts
  • Eat them just as is, or dip them in avocado dip or hummus.



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